Perla Needs Us……….

6 yr old Perla was abandoned when her owner died.

6 yr old Perla was abandoned when her owner died. They had been together since she was a pup and they loved each other. Left outside to fend for herself, now she was depressed living on the street all alone for many months, when a car hit her and dragged her 30 feet. Hers was a poor neighborhood and Perla was left there on the curb with a broken back for weeks while a kind neighbor searched for someone to help her. We got the call so Renee, Angel and I went in search of Perla.

We had to lift Perla and keep her steady because she can’t walk. The red arrow on top shows where her back bone was broken and the arrow on the bottom shows where the lack of sensation affects her foot.

When we got to the neighborhood, all the neighbors came running out asking if we had come to help Perla. They took us to her hiding place in a filthy chicken coop where she had dragged herself for protection from the hot sun. She had a huge army of lice jumping off of her, and was full of fleas and ticks too.  

We covered her with a sheet and took her to our vet, Dr. Morales who used an entire spray bottle of FLEE to kill the lice before he could examine her. Perla had a broken spine and was in a LOT of pain!! He got the pain under control and the next day we went to see the surgeon to get his opinion. “Was there was anything we could do?” I asked Dr. Mongil. After a thorough examination, he told us that unfortunately with this severe of a break, her back being connected with only the nerves and soft tissue, the area was too delicate to operate. We would need to allow her to rest and then start doing therapy with her and hope she might be able to walk again some day.  

Perla the same day of her rescue, going with us to Dr. Morales’ office. We fed her some good food so she was feeling happy and grateful!
Sweet girl is here waiting patiently in severe pain, to finally get the care she needs. Hoping it was a broken leg that could be operated, but it was worse.
Here she is trying on the wheels lent to us by Alma, till hers are ready.
Perla is finally able to stand up on her own after resting for a month and a half. We are working hard to help this sweet good girl walk again. It will take many months if we can afford to pay for physical therapy. Please send your good wishes and prayers for Perla. Don’t forget to donate when you can and Please: ADOPT DON’T SHOP!

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