Become an ADLA Fundraiser

Why fundraise for ADLA?

ADLA is dedicated to rescuing abandoned animals in Puerto Rico. By fundraising in your community you are getting the message out there that animals matter, and that each person can make a difference in their own way. Supporting a cause you believe in is a greatly rewarding experience. You’ll meet new people, become more connected with a cause you believe in, and change the lives of rescues.

Mariana in ocean

Anyone can fundraise, and we hope this toolkit helps make it as fun and successful as possible. You can also look for other online sources, or speak to acquaintances on their fundraising experiences.

How do I start?

Getting started is the first (and sometimes the hardest step). We’ve provided some information to make it easier for you to have fun and be successful.

  1. Pick your activity.
  2. Keep us updated.
  3. Make our mission your own.
  4. Get your Fundraising Materials together.
  5. Use our tips on how to make fundraising successful and fun.
  6. The Afterparty!