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We welcome and invite volunteers from all over the world to come work with us. We can help you with AirBnb in our neighborhood and our dogs will love you!

Here is a letter from our friend Kim:

I had an unforgettable experience by volunteering at a small, poverty-stricken animal shelter outside of San Juan. There are untold numbers of animals that run-at-large throughout the State, particularly after the recent hurricane. I was able to search/rescue numerous dogs, including small puppies, provide medical care, meet with law enforcement and prosecutors, and care for and train numerous dogs.

The Shelter, Amigos de los Animales, Friends of the Animals, is owned/operated by a kindly lady, Adrienne Galler Lastra, who is also an Animal Control Officer. Her shelter is in her home. At any given time there are nearly 70 dogs on the property, housed in virtually every room of her home (built in 1950’s). Notwithstanding the lack of resources, these dogs are very well cared for, as she treats each dog as her own. Over the past ten (10) + years, she has found homes for over 3,800 animals. Not one has been returned to the Shelter because the Owner carefully screens all applicants for adoption and demands a home visit to educate the prospective adopters and evaluate their level of competence. The dogs there have a good quality of life despite the less than optimal conditions.

Yet, this Shelter has many needs. For example, the Van, used for transporting dogs to veterinarians, from scenes of abandonment and abuse, and in providing necessities, is also the only vehicle for her private vehicle. Its condition can best be described as “junk” and is dangerous. She has started a G0-Fund-Me page, seeking financial assistance for the purchase of a new van. There are numerous other needs, such as crates/kennels which are dilapidated, food, medicine, veterinarian expenses, operating costs, salaries (although there are only two (2) employees. There is a need for repairs for structural damage from the hurricane.

I am respectfully requesting your support. One, provide financial donations, either to her Go-Fund-Me page for the new van or make a donation for Operating Expenses (directly to the Shelter on the website). Two, submit any (new or used) equipment/medication that can be used by her dogs, such as collars, leashes, medicines, first aid (ex. cotton, cue-tips, bandages, etc.), treats, and any such small items. You can mail them or drop them off to me and I will then forward them to the Shelter in a “Care Package.” Finally, pass the word along to any animal loving friends. Finally, if you would like a vacation in a warm climate, and want to provide care to and rescue animals, Amigos de los Animales would be honored to receive your support. The cost of the flight and very nice accommodations, meals, etc. is relatively cheap. I stayed a week- cost of condo on the beach $75.00/da. Airfare- $300.00, dinners on the beach were $20.00 and I did not even rent a car. They treat you with great respect, appreciate your expertise and the memories are priceless.