Mission and Vision

Lianna with Tiffany


Amigos de los Animales, Inc. is a 501c(3) nonprofit founded to act as a voice for the abandoned, neglected, mistreated and abused animals on the island of Puerto Rico. We are dedicated to:

1) Rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming abandoned animals and to the alleviation of their suffering and pain;

2) Educating the community about proper animal care and the laws;

3) Assisting in mass sterilisation and vaccination of pets in our communities through sterilisation clinics and humane education;

4) Collaborating with the government, community and other animal welfare groups to educate Puerto Rico on animal welfare issues and to assist in other mass sterilization programs;

5) Raising up a force of humanely educated Animal Control Officer / Cruelty Investigators through the, first ever, certification course offered in Puerto Rico monitored and approved by the State Office of Animal Control of the Puerto Rico Health Department.



By acting as a voice for abused and abandoned animals in Puerto Rico, defending those who cannot speak for themselves, and uniting with other rescue organizations, we believe we will eradicate the over-population of companion animals and suffering of all animals on the island, resulting in a more humane Puerto Rico. Amigos de los Animales relies on the generous donations of people like you in order to achieve this goal.

Be a critical part of saving the animals.