Pinones Beach Project Updates

Brandon at the beach
Buster and Brandon hanging out at the shelter

This is Brandon, he was just adopted by a loving family in Chicago who will take great care of him. He loves to swim and we are sure that he will be very happy with his new family.

The queen dog of PR from “Fundacion Misión con Amor who is dedicated to disaster recovery services, came to do community service at our shelter and they got the tour of the shelter and made friends with all our dogs!

Colorado and Charly sitting on the ground together

In honor of National Dog Day, we present the king – Colorado, everyone loves Colorado, come meet him on one of our beach walks. He loves to walk, run, and swim and stop for an occasional crab.

Charly and Adri at the shelter

Here is one of our volunteer dog walkers “Charly” and I ‘kibitzing’ around!!

Here we are: Jennifer, Adri, Charly, and Buster off to the beach walk with 4 loving good dogs!! Every Wednesday and Friday we have our group walk at 8 am so be at the shelter by 7:45 so we can hand you your doggie. If you would like to schedule a walk at another time text me at (787)313-5653 and we will try to accommodate you!!