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¡Conviertete en Investigador de Crueldad Animal! Become Animal Cruelty Investigator!

Obtenga la Certificación de Oficial de Control de Animales / Investigador de Crueldad! Proximo curso: 27 enero – 1 febrero 2020. Matricula abierta hasta 15 diciembre 2019! Leer más aquí

Get Animal Cruelty Investigator Certification! Next Course: January 27- February 1st 2020. Registration open now until December 15th 2019! Read more here.

27 de enero al 1 de febrero, 2020, Curso de 6 días para certificación y placa

register and pay online at CDI

27 de enero al 1 de febrero, 2020, Curso de 6 días para Certificación de Control de Animales / Investigacion de Crueldad, con su placa
register and pay online at CDI

Every Wednesday Doggie Day Beach Walk

Every Wednesday: During the hot weather, come help us walk as many dogs as possible to the beach every Wednesday morning at 9:00 am. Beach Parking available below (west of) the ” Waterfront Restaurant” parking lot. The beach is a 2-minute walk to the shelter. Please get here by 8:45 and you’ll make it in time to choose your 4 legged friend. The dogs love it because they get an opportunity to do something different with their doggie pals.

Please bring friends so we can take lots of dogs together. Wear your bathing suit and walking shoes and you can have a dip in the ocean with your pet.  


Every Saturday starting October 12, 2019 through Saturday December 28, 2019 @ 9:30 AM – till 12:00 pm

Recurring Event – Free

Love Dogs? Looking for some outdoor activity after a week in the office or school? Every Saturday morning, rain or shine, we clean the Shelter to keep our doggies healthy, happy and clean.The Saturday Shelter Cleanup involves washing our doggies kennels, the floors of the inside patios where the kennels are kept, and food bowls. Tasks start at 9:30am and we go until 12pm, perfect time for heading to the beach!

Image by Zack Roth / Paco peering out from the filigree

Come join us! 

  • The Saturday Shelter Cleanup involves washing our doggies kennels, the floors of the inside patios where the kennels are kept, and food bowls.
  • The Shelter is located at Bo. Torrecilla Baja, Carr. 187, KM 5.2, Sector Piñones, Loiza, Puerto Rico. Click here for location.
  • Tasks start at 9:30am and we go until 12pm, perfect time for heading to the beach!
  • Our clean-up sessions count for your school’s volunteer hours.
  • All ages are welcome, but if you are under the age of 14, you must come accompanied by an adult.
  • All volunteers should also come in long pants and sneakers. Why? Well, the doggies reeeaallly look forward to your visits so there is a lot of action!
  • We use a lot of cleaning supplies and can always use more so we would appreciate anything you can bring to help: Clorox Bleach, contractor bags, and old newspapers to line the crates are always needed.
  • Please email adri@amigosdelosanimalespr.org and let us know you are signing up to come to which Saturday Clean-up or email it to us.

Perla Needs Us……….

6 yr old Perla was abandoned when her owner died.

6 yr old Perla was abandoned when her owner died. They had been together since she was a pup and they loved each other. Left outside to fend for herself, now she was depressed living on the street all alone for many months, when a car hit her and dragged her 30 feet. Hers was a poor neighborhood and Perla was left there on the curb with a broken back for weeks while a kind neighbor searched for someone to help her. We got the call so Renee, Angel and I went in search of Perla.

We had to lift Perla and keep her steady because she can’t walk. The red arrow on top shows where her back bone was broken and the arrow on the bottom shows where the lack of sensation affects her foot.

When we got to the neighborhood, all the neighbors came running out asking if we had come to help Perla. They took us to her hiding place in a filthy chicken coop where she had dragged herself for protection from the hot sun. She had a huge army of lice jumping off of her, and was full of fleas and ticks too.  

We covered her with a sheet and took her to our vet, Dr. Morales who used an entire spray bottle of FLEE to kill the lice before he could examine her. Perla had a broken spine and was in a LOT of pain!! He got the pain under control and the next day we went to see the surgeon to get his opinion. “Was there was anything we could do?” I asked Dr. Mongil. After a thorough examination, he told us that unfortunately with this severe of a break, her back being connected with only the nerves and soft tissue, the area was too delicate to operate. We would need to allow her to rest and then start doing therapy with her and hope she might be able to walk again some day.  

Perla the same day of her rescue, going with us to Dr. Morales’ office. We fed her some good food so she was feeling happy and grateful!
Sweet girl is here waiting patiently in severe pain, to finally get the care she needs. Hoping it was a broken leg that could be operated, but it was worse.
Here she is trying on the wheels lent to us by Alma, till hers are ready.
Perla is finally able to stand up on her own after resting for a month and a half. We are working hard to help this sweet good girl walk again. It will take many months if we can afford to pay for physical therapy. Please send your good wishes and prayers for Perla. Don’t forget to donate when you can and Please: ADOPT DON’T SHOP!

Spring: One year ago

Spring: One year ago

Time goes by so fast when you are watching pups grow before your very eyes. From the moment they are saved from the hard life on the streets, they are learning to love, play, live with a family, and just be a dog! Before we know it, they’ve gone from street-dog, to shelter-dog, and finally, to being a part of a loving family.

To commemorate the spring, and new beginnings, here are some adoption stores from April of last year. Each of these lucky rescues were transported to Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance (HHTA), our absolute favorite destination rescue, and found their forever homes in New Hampshire.


Cookie with a student from EDIC College Veterinary Assistant School

Cookie was rescued March 18, 2018, along with her boyfriend Pepe, a black and white pitbull mix. That same night, at the veterinary office, Cookie gave birth to eight adorable puppies! She was an awesome mommy, especially when one of her little ones, Percy, got sick. Percy had low platelets and had to be kept away from his mom and his siblings for a little bit. But once he was put on medication, he began eating again, and Cookie was able to visit him.

Cookie was kept inside at the shelter, and loved being around people. When her name was called, her tail would start wagging and she would look up at you with her sweet doe eyes.

Cookie with parents

Cookie was transported to HHTA in October 2018. She was adopted by Cindy and Jay Brown, who came to the rescue specifically to meet her. They have grandchildren and were concerned about bringing a dog into the family. Always a lady, Cookie handled her new home beautifully, and the entire Brown family fell in love with her. Congratulations Cookie Brown!



Scruffy arrived at the shelter late April at about 1 year old. He immediately fit right in and was completely comfortable. Running around the shelter with his buds Mali and Buddy was his favorite thing. Scruffy was a shelter favorite for Shelter Director Adrienne Galler, but she was thrilled when he was adopted!

On January 14, 2019, Scruffy was transported to HHTA. He was adopted less than 2 weeks later by his new mom, Kathy, who named him Finn. Since Scruffy loves to play, we know he’s probably very happy just this moment running around with his canine sister Zoe.


Kai at shelter

Kai was rescued by our shelter manager Betsy, who found her chained up in the hot April sun, and without food or water. Kai’s mangnetism made her an instant shelter favorite, and her departure was bitter sweet.

Before adoption, Kai went to a foster family in San Juan, P.R. (Special thanks to the Tobin/Montalvo family for making her feel extra special). She participated in a fashion show and an online fan sent her a new bed! She even had a story written up about her by the staff at Power Speak Pros!

Kai took her freedom flight to HHTA in December 2018. When she arrived in New Hampshire, HHTA received quite a few adoption applications for her.

Kai with family

It was finally the Clawson family that would call Kai their own! Since January of this year, she has had a new daddy, Tom; a new mom Chrissy; and a two-legged sibling, TJ! She also has a canine sibling, Roxy, who has welcomed Kai into the family as well.


Mimi came into the shelter in April 2018, originally as a surrogate mommy for 10 puppies whose mom wasn’t feeding them. She was brought in by a rescuer who promised to take her back after the puppies could eat on their own. We were up to 80 dogs at the time, 3 litters of puppies, and could not take another dog.

However, when it came time, we could not give Mimi up! She was so easy and lovable, we decided to keep her before finding her an adopter.

Mimi was transported to HHTA in December 2018 and adopted by Tim in January 2019. Tim actually contacted Hearts and Tails looking for a puppy. But when he arrived at the shelter and spent some time with Mimi, he knew she was the one.

Not only was Tim looking for a friend for himself, but also for his fiance, Ally. Now Mimi (renamed Agnes) has this loving couple just to herself.

If you know of a rescue or shelter in the United States that accepts dogs from outside their district, and you think they would make a great destination partner, please let us know. We would love to make more connections. There are only so many homes here in Puerto Rico, and too many stray dogs. Transporting is expensive, but it is also necessary to completing our mission.

That’s all for now! Donate to our Fund the Shelters Challenge below; we rescue everyday. And see you next time.

Paypal Giving link

Become a Foster!

Become a Foster!

Foster parents are a vital part of our organization. Fosters give rescues the experience of a life in a loving home where they learn to establish a positive bond with a home and a family. Additionally, fosters allow for more rescuing as there is more space in the shelter, and we can dedicate our time to more rescues. Meet some of our current foster parents and their dogs!

Mercy and Pamela

Mercy with foster parents

Mercy had been at the shelter for eleven months already! Why, you ask? She’s just a little shy. She’s submissive, and gets along perfectly with other dogs, but is hesitant with people.

When Pamela and her boyfriend visited with the Pre-Veterinarian Association of Inter Metro College, they both met Mercy. Pamela knew this dog should be given a change to get out of the shelter as soon as possible, and made it her mission to see it happen! Mercy went home with her in March.

We have news that Mercy is doing wonderfully at her new home. She has a doggie sibling, and has learned to love the couch. If you are interested in meeting Mercy and possibly giving her a loving forever home, don’t hesitate to fill out our adoption application.

We are sure Pamela will be able to give you tips for helping Mercy become the happy pet she was always meant to be!

Pete and Jean

Pete was found by Mimi roaming in Levittown, PR, where Mimi’s mother lives. When she would visit her mother, Mimi would often see Pete. According to neighbors, he had been there for about 2 months. Mimi began to feed him and listed Pete on Find My Dog. Nobody claimed him.

One day Pete was attacked by another stray, a German Shepard. Pete had deep puncture wounds. Mimi and her mom took in both Pete and the German Shepard (they became good friends). The dogs were vaccinated and neutered. The German Shepard was adopted; Pete remained.

Next thing you know, he’s being fostered by Jean, an attorney living in Santurce, PR.

Jean recently moved to Puerto Rico from Philadelphia, PA. In Philly, Jean has a four-year old rescue joining her in June. She misses dog companionship though! Naturally, she took in Pete. 🙂

He loves his new set-up. Pete is always smiling, and we even found out he’s not a cupcake lover. Strange, right, but good to know he won’t steal your cupcakes.

Join the fun and become a foster yourself!

  • We cover all approved vet costs.
  • We give you a crate, if needed.
  • Your dog friend comes with a collar and leash (exercise is important!)
  • If you need dog food, you get that too!
  • Any medications the dog may be taking, including flea/tick shampoo if needed.
  • We cover all emergency or pre-approved veterinary costs, and will give you the information of the vet we regularly use.
  • We ask you take your foster to any adoption events or veterinary appointments. You can also drop him or her off at the shelter beforehand.
  • Give us prior notice (a week is good) to seek a new foster parent or make room in the shelter if you can no longer care for your foster, or if you are going on vacation and need to leave him/her with us for that time.

Become a foster parent!

  • Take pictures, give updates, and if you post in social media, get that dog up there! This will help us get your foster a forever home sooner– which will make everyone happy 🙂
  • Once there is a potential adoption, we ask that you are available for meet-and-greets with the adopter (or take the dog to the shelter where the dog and the adopter can get to know each other). Any feedback you may have on the adoption being a success is appreciated– you part of the process as well.

We try to get all our rescues into foster homes if able. That way adoption is not such a “new” and perhaps scary experience for a rescue. They’ll already know how to receive love and attention in a home.

Sound good to you? Fill out a foster application today!

And don’t forget to donate, so abandoned pets can continue finding their homes.

With the Pay Pal Giving Fund, all donations are commission free!

Pooches in the sun, pooches in the snow… We love them all!

Pooches in the sun, pooches in the snow… We love them all!

As many of you know, we transport most of our rescues to no-kill shelters or humane organizations in the United States. One of our core shelter partners is Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance (HTAA), located in the state of New Hampshire.

Each sato transported to HTAA has found a happy home either in New Hampshire or in a nearby state. This post is dedicated to a few rescues who have left the sun of Puerto Rico to live in a snowy wonderland. We wish we could read their mind and get their thoughts!

Sandy (rehomed as Cinnamon)

Sandy, now “Cinnamon”, at her new snow-home!

This sweet island girl was born in April of 2018, from mommy Blanca, who gave birth right before entering the shelter. She had 10 sato siblings, the last of which just left on their forever flight yesterday, March 15th/ (Blanca is still looking for her forever home. Adopt here!)

Cinnamon was transported to HTAA in February 2019. (We suspect that the New Hampshire cold didn’t phase her because of her big, warm, cinnamon-y heart!) When Holly Mobari saw this pretty girl’s photo, she knew this sato was THE ONE, and she and her son Jayden made their way over HTAA to meet her, asap!


Jayden knelt down and played with Cinnamon. Then looked up at his mom and as said with his eyes, “I’ve fallen in love with her.” It was plain to see that this was a match made in heaven!

Cinnamon is now at home in the loving arms of her momma and daddy, Holly and Joe; her siblings, Jayden, Jeremy and Allison; as well as her Guinea Pig brother, Cosmo! Congratulations to the Mobari family and happy life sweet Cinnamon! Love to the max!

Sofoclés (rehomed as Ozzy)

Sofoclés entered the shelter in October 2018. He was rescued by a college student named Javier. Sofoclés was wondering around his college campus and was so friendly, letting all the kids touch him. But everyone slowly moved on, leaving only Javier and Sofoclés. Unlike the other students, Javier could not just play with this joyful pup, and leave him there.

Instead, he took the 6-month old pup to the vet, where Sophocles got sterilized and vaccinated. Javier also tried his best to find the pup a home, but was running out of time and could not keep the dog. So, he contacted us, and we were more than happy to be a part of the chain that would result in a forever home for Sofo. And that is just what happened!

sofocles in shelter
Sofoclés at the shelter during our shelter cleanup on Saturdays. (c) Dominik Fleischmann

Sofo traveled to HTAA in January 14, and was adopted one month later by Laura and James. The moment they saw him, they knew that this was the boy who would fill their hearts with joy for the rest of his days. Being an athletic couple, they quickly formed a bond with this agile pup. Though he arrived to New Hampshire right in the middle of snow season, the cold, white stuff was no obstacle for this sato, who navigated over the snow mounds with style and grace.

Congratulations Laura and James, and a HUGE Thank You to Javier, for dedicating time, financial resources, and love to Sofo and his rescue. <3

Make a difference for a rescue by donating through the Paypal Giving Fund Program.

Betty Boop (rehomed as Caliza); Cazie for short 😉

Betty was born March 2018, of mommy Cookie. All Betty’s little brothers and sisters, as well as the mom, were transported to HTAA. Betty’s transport date was in November of 2018.

She was always beautiful, but the cold has treated her well! She will be part of a full house. She’s got her momma, Wendy Fulton; her daddy, Andy; her 4 hoo-man siblings Bethany, Emily, Rebecca, & Gillian; her furpal doggy sister, Allegh; and furpal kitty siblings, Cobble, Stri, and Rangley. Not including the plethora of rabbits and chickens! OMG! But nothing a sato cannot handle. Congratulations to all, and happy life sweet Cazie!

Waggy (rehomed as Wilson) 

Waggy (now Wilson) bundled up in New Hampshire

Waggy was rescued in February 2019 and quickly transported to HTAA that same month. While he did not get the full Piñones shelter experience,WE got the full Waggy experience! It was impossible not to love his refreshing take of life, his out-going personality, and his interest in others.

Waggy at Amigos de los Animales

It was no surprise he took the HTAA shelter by storm! All of the lovely ladies (female dogs) in the shelter were instantly smitten with him. He exuded confidence and kindness, and showed the fearful pups that being outside in the snow can be fun!

Wilson got his forever home when Jamie Fintonis walked through the door of HTAA. It was a apparent to all that Wilson had found his mom!
Congratulations to Wilson and his new family — momma, Jamie; daddy, Peter, hoo-man siblings, Emily, Shaun, and Shelby, and fur-sister, Rosie!

Until next time… More pups, more stories!

Spread the love! You can make a different for animals in need.

More Friends, More Fun!

More Friends, More Fun!

We’ve made some new friends over the past year, and want to share our stories (and pictures) with you. It is a great experience for the dogs when groups of volunteers come for the day, bringing fun, pets and goodies.

Students from Commonwealth-Parkville School have always come to our Saturday Clean-ups and given of their time to make sure the pups have clean crates for the week. But we were thrilled to learn that student Natasha San Miguel had organized a casual day with all proceeds were donated to ADLA. “Wear Blue for the Animal Lover in You” took place March 2, 2018 That day, students could forgo their uniform and instead wear blue in support of animal rescue. 

Another school we have grown close to over the past years is Saint John’s School. These students have also been a big help on Saturdays. Some have even chosen to become parents and take an ADLA dog home with them for good.

The Community Service Club of Saint John’s is student-run and provides opportunities for young people to work together in the service of different causes. For the first semester of the school year, the club elected ADLA as their cause of choice. Throughout the semester, the students organized different initiatives to get the word out there (rescue, foster, adopt… don’t shop). They organized fundraisers for our benefit, including: a bake sale, a movie night, a Halloween Party, and, for the gran finale: a fashion show featuring the dogs!   

And when it comes to getting hands-on with the dogs, students from EDIC College Veterinary Assistant Program are superstars! They come regularly to do check-ups, help deparasite, bathe and groom the dogs.

Here is a clip of Allison– still at the shelter and awaiting her big adoption day– getting a bath and check-up from two of the students.

We recently blogged about the University of Puerto Rico’s animal welfare club Patita Amiga, and their commitment to improving the quality of life of our dogs with regular walks, as well as donating food and supplies. Who we haven’t mentioned are the Jaguares from the university’s Carolina campus, and students from the university’s School of Medicine.

Become a volunteer

You might now know that we are starting to schedule regular beach clean-ups. So, we were thrilled when the leadership and camaraderie-building group Creando Contigo with Coach JoAiris not only sign up and helped clean Piñones Beach, but also walked dogs and donated supplies. A full and fun day!

And who could we count on to come ready to work? Volunteer teams from Americorps NCCC are ready and willing to come regularly on Saturday for our clean-ups. With their help, the dogs crates smell nice and clean for the week. Teams also took part in the Shelter Rebuild by painting the interior of the shelter. Thanks guys!

Finally, we were so excited when volunteer Yathzary Albizu approached us with her plan to get a group of university-aged dog lovers together to come and walk the dogs, as well as donate supplies for the shelter. Yathzary’s group visited us December 18th. She had some getting-to-know-you games prepared, brought snacks, the dogs were walked, and received lots of donated goodies. Thank you Yathzary and friends!

We know we have many volunteers come by and do not always get the chance to document the fun with pictures and videos. So, send us yours!

And, if you aren’t volunteering yet, what are you waiting for? Fill out a volunteer application today!

Latest on the Shelter Rebuild

Latest on the Shelter Rebuild

We are so happy to inform that Phase 2 of the Shelter Rebuild is well underway! For those that did not read our post on Phase 1 of the rebuild, we began renovations soon after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. The natural disaster caused the rebuild to move up on our priority list.

Phase 1 involved resealing the roof to prevent further water damage; removing and reinstalling new gating throughout the Shelter, including the gates of the dog runs; and replacing the coverings for the front and back patio. All this was possible with funding from the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ® (ASPCA) and PEDIGREE Foundation ®.

With our beautiful new gating installed, we needed to do some construction and aesthetic updates as soon as possible! Without much of a breather, we quickly moved on to focus on Phase 2, which was made possible by a shelter rebuild grant awarded by the Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), International.

Moving through Phase 2

First, we repaired and improved on the roof of the interior and exterior of the shelter. This involved fixing the rebar, which had been damaged over time and had worsened with water damage, repatching cement on the ceilings and walls, and installing new fans to make sure the pups were properly ventilated. Below are some of the photos during the construction.

There was a lot of drilling going on for days at a time, but the doggies took it like champs. They got along great with the construction workers as well.
After the work was done, we felt all felt much safer.

Next, all that repatching needed to be painted! The shelter had not been painted in 8 years, so the job was long overdue. We turned to Sherwin Williams, who generously donated six large buckets of paint: 2 bright white, 2 beige and 2 of our favorite color—blue (of course)!

sherwin williams
Adri with Manuel Maldonado, the manager of the Sherwin Williams store in Los Colobos, Carolina which donated the paint and paint supplies.

Over the course of three weekends, Americorps NCCC volunteers painted the interior of the shelter a bright white. The new paint makes the interior of the shelter more alive and welcoming.

Next, we started on preparing the outside for painting, which was more of a task. First, we pressure-washed the interior patio to get rid of the dirt and peeling paint. But this was not enough. When we started scrapping off the remaining paint, the scrapping would not stop, we just kept pulling off more and more paint! Plus, sometimes the paint would stick to the cement and pulling it off was a grueling job.

We soon learned this was no regular painting job for volunteers. But we did our best!

Lucky for us, Terminix came to the rescue, hiring personnel to finish the job. The patio and remaining walls were pressure washed again with stronger equipment. (By the way, the Terminix team also donates graciously by coming to the shelter once a month to fumigate, which keeps our dogs and shelter pest-free). Now, we can also thank the company and its President Mark Kitchenman for the some much-needed home improvement work.

Mark Kitchenman, President of Terminix, getting in the corners

And with such a blue and beautiful shelter, it is an absolute necessity to keep it secure. Terminix has also donated additional LED lighting as well as motion-activated security lighting to install throughout the shelter. However, first, we need to figure out some electrical issues we are having, and which have exacerbated since the hurricane. We are waiting for estimates from a licensed electrician to take care of the issues. We know it will be expensive, but it is needed.

Adri and Mark
Adri with Mark and the donated security lights.

We want to again thank SPCA International for donating the majority of the funds that made Phase 2 of the rebuild possible. SPCA International was founded in the United States in 2006, and has the mission to advance the safety and well-being of animals. SPCA International has assisted over 313 animal shelters and rescue groups around the world, and helped spay and neuter thousands of animals. The organization strives to with the impact made by independent shelters through alliance building, information networking, and national and international programs. 

Last, but hardly least, no Amigos de los Animales post is complete without pictures of our pups, all taken by our visiting photographer Dominik Fleischmann! Here are a few of our buddies, all for adoption: