Thank you for your interest in fostering one of our dogs! As a foster, you will be a vital part of our organization; and allow our rescue dogs a life in homes until they get adopted. Before a rescued dog goes to his forever family, he needs lots of love and attention in order to get healthy and adoptable. The best place to gain trust in humans again is a warm and loving home.

By being a foster family, you give a chance to a dog to be adopted faster and you will see an insecure dog growing to be a confident champion. Additionally, by fostering a dog, you are providing space in our Shelter for other rescues; or more space and attention for the rescues we already have. What a big reward that is!


We try to get all our adoptable dogs into foster homes and look forward to working with you! Please check out our Information Packet to learn more about fostering for ADLA.

Click on a location specific link below and submit your application today!

Foster Application (Puerto Rico)

Foster Application (Colorado)