About us

Adri and Chiquita

Learn about us and what we do! Amigos de los Animales (ADLA) Puerto Rico is a non-profit rescue organization and shelter, which rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes abused and abandoned animals throughout the island of Puerto Rico. Our shelter is located at the Piñones beachhome of the Shelter Director Adrienne Galler Lastra (known as Adri throughout Piñones and the animal welfare community). Adri has vowed to dedicate her life to making a difference in the life of the animals here. Since 2008, the shelter became home for all Amigos rescues. Adri lives at the shelter 24/7, ensuring each animal is well-cared for; safe; and loved. ADLA adopts its rescues or transports them to no-kill shelters in the United States.

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ADLA also promotes humane animal treatment within the community. We organize low-cost sterilization and vaccination events to promote education on humane animal treatment. Together with the Puerto Rico Health Department and Career Development Institute of New Jersey, we coordinate a six-day Animal Control Officer/Cruelty Investigator Course, which is attended by police officers, members of animal welfare organizations and animal control facilities, as well as animal enthusiasts and individuals interested in learning about animal welfare and proper animal care. Download our brochure for additional information.

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Our Work in 2018

Rescues, sterilizations and adoptions

  • 169 rescues
  • 124 transports
  • 24 adoptions
  • 10 rehomes

Our main destination rescue partner is Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance in Weare, New Hampshire.

Another school we have grown close to over the past years is Saint John’s School. These students have also been a big help on Saturdays. Some have even chosen to become parents and take an ADLA dog home with them for good.

The Community Service Club of Saint John’s is student-run and provides opportunities for young people to work together in the service of different causes. For the first semester of the school year, the club elected ADLA as their cause of choice. Throughout the semester, the students organized different initiatives to get the word out there (rescue, foster, adopt… don’t shop). They organized fundraisers for our benefit, including: a bake sale, a movie night, a Halloween Party, and, for the gran finale: a fashion show featuring the dogs!

And when it comes to getting hands-on with the dogs, students from EDIC College Veterinary Assistant Program are superstars! They come regularly to do check-ups, help deparasite, bathe and groom the dogs.

We recently blogged about the University of Puerto Rico’s animal welfare club Patita Amiga, and their commitment to improving the quality of life of our dogs with regular walks, as well as donating food and supplies. Who we haven’t mentioned are the Jaguares from the university’s Carolina campus, and students from the university’s School of Medicine.

We were thrilled when the leadership and camaraderie-building group Creando Contigo with Coach JoAirisnot only sign up and helped clean Piñones Beach, but also walked dogs and donated supplies. A full and fun day!

And who could we count on to come ready to work? Volunteer teams from Americorps NCCC are ready and willing to come regularly on Saturday for our clean-ups. With their help, the dogs crates smell nice and clean for the week. Teams also took part in the Shelter Rebuild by painting the interior of the shelter. Thanks guys!

Finally, we were so excited when volunteer Yathzary Albizu approached us with her plan to get a group of university-aged dog lovers together to come and walk the dogs, as well as donate supplies for the shelter. Yathzary’s group visited us December 18th. She had some getting-to-know-you games prepared, brought snacks, the dogs were walked, and received lots of donated goodies. Thank you Yathzary and friends!

Consider how you can help: donate, become a volunteer, adopt one of our great pooches or foster for a while. Your help and training will be so appreciated and will improve the welfare of animals in Puerto Rico!