Pick your activity

Choose how you want to raise funds. It can be an event at your house, at your school or favorite restaurant, or online. Below are some ideas to get you started. You can pick any of them, or create your own. Think about what you enjoy doing and what activities you shine in, and add the fundraiser to it. One of the most important things is to have fun with it! You’ll be more likely to want to fundraise again, and the people who participate in the fundraiser will be more likely to want to help as well.

  • Bake Sale: Organize a sale of baked goods and doggie treats. You can even make people treats that match pet treats, and people can buy for themselves as well as their for their best friend. Instead of selling, you can also consider asking for a suggested donation in exchange for the treat.   
  • Raffle: Ask a store you frequent to donate an item to raffle off. Sell raffle tickets for $5 each.  Facebook is a great platform for raffles and we will help with keeping track of ticket sales. Once you’ve reached your fundraising goal, a friend or family member can pick out the winning ticket from a doggie bowl.
  • Retail percentage donations: Ask your favorite or highly frequented restaurant or retail business to donate a percentage of their proceeds to ADLA for one day or night. Make sure customers are aware of the promotion. The restaurant or bar can even make the day dog or pet-themed and add a new item to the menu in honor of pets everywhere.
  • Mix fundraising goals with fitness goals: Organize a run, walk, bike or triathlon. What about a dog walk or pet parade? Ask local businesses to sponsor the walk through donations to the cause.
  • Engage your community: Coordinate with your Church, school, or employer and organize a fun dress-up theme or casual day, while collecting donations. You can get ambitious and set up a conference or discussion on preventing cruelty against animals and the importance of spay and neuter for friends, co-workers and community.
Adri and Cleopatra
  • Host a party for friends and family: Make it holiday or costume themed and invite your guests to bring their furry best friend. You can even host a party for dogs to celebrate a dog -related holiday, or plan a birthday party for your dog. During the party you can ask for donations to support rescue efforts or hold a silent auction with items donated from local businesses.
  • Celebrate your birthday by giving: Ask your friends to give to ADLA for your birthday. Facebook has a good set-up for birthday fundraisers.  
  • Sell items on Ebay: Use Ebay for Charity to donate a percentage or all the proceeds to ADLA. The percentage is automatically deducted and deposited into our PayPal Giving Fund Account.
  • Use donation/change boxes: Ask your favorite retail store or that which you most frequently visit whether you can place collections boxes on their checkout counter. Stop by weekly to pick up any donations. The collection can either be given to us periodically as cash, or deposited into your account, and then transferred over to us. You can read more about transfers here.
  • Collect items on our Wishlist: Organize a drive in your community. Be sure to check our wishlist before you ask. For more specific information on what are current needs are, email us.