Fundraising tips

Blanca with toys
  • If you are organizing an event in a public place, make sure the venue has insurance to cover the event. And if you are inviting dogs to come along, make sure the venue is dog friendly.
  • Get people involved. Invite friends and family to help. If you know anyone who supports animal rescue, or loves dogs, they are a good person to ask as well.
  • Promote as much as possible.
  • Contact us for JPEGs and PDFs of posters and brochures and use them to make sure everyone that might be interested know you are fundraising. You can also make your own.
  • Use social media to get the message out. You can create an Event on Facebook (events can can have a physical venue but they can also be virtual). Invite your to the event friends, and they can invite theirs. Messages travel quickly over the internet.
  • Add a link to your online event promotion in your email signature.
  • Depending on the type of fundraiser, develop a timeline of what needs to get done, and by when.  
  • Make sure people know why you are fundraising. You have to tell them: Why is supporting ADLA important to you?
Kai and Morgan playing
  • Ask for support and say thank you! Ask as much as possible because you know never know who will support you. And thank them when they do. They’ll remember you and be more likely to support your next fundraiser.
  • Take and ask for pictures and videos. You don’t need to have an event for this. For example, if you leave a collection box with a retail store you can ask if they’ll take a picture with you. If you are organizing an online raffle you can ask people to bid to share photos or videos of their pets. We are so proud of our pets. And pictures will get your fundraiser more visibility online.
  • Tag us in your event posts: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
    Contact us with any questions. We are more than happy to help.