Construction to do @ our Shelter Facility!

Construction to do @ our Shelter Facility!

Shelter imageDear Friends and Supporters,

We have been operating our little home as a shelter, since July of 2007 when my mom left us for her Journey to The Lord. Sometimes it is as if I still smell her perfume and coffee in the kitchen; like she’s telling me she approves of what we’ve done to her lovely home and with my life. We’ve made so many good friends and good changes throughout the years, thanks to you, friend. Whether you have come up along side us to help with your donation of a bottle of Clorox and some comforters, or bringing to life new kids through our rescue efforts because of your donations these days, weeks, months and years since 2007, thank you.
Now, one of the most important things we must do in order to cut down on falls and sickness due to uneven ground is break up the flooring and pour new concrete flooring all around the entire property. It has a slight incline and is rather large so it has to be done in sections.

The patio is dangerously uneven from previous construction, destruction and wear and tear. What was once concrete flooring has become a mush mash of rocks and holes.

Then we need to put in new wrought iron fencing because the old one is crumbling beneath our fingers!  We have someone working on that now and it will include some recycling of materials and will be very simple so as to keep costs down.


Remember that this was our home before it became our shelter and we need to do updates on our electrical system and plumbing, and it’s time again to ceil roofs and patch falling sections of the ceiling. We also have to convert the small 9 by 11 ‘guest’ room outside the back of the house to a proper run including ceiling the roof, putting in a new window, door and a proper drain leading to the septic tank plus a light switch and lamp because it’s starting to fall down from dis-repair. You see, lots of things to fix.

How You Can Help…….
Conservatively speaking, we will need about to $20,000 to start making the needed improvements on this property to enhance the dog’s lives. We are asking anyone inside Puerto Rico who can volunteer their expertise to please call us so we can talk about getting you involved in the repairs!

Volunteer with dogPlease Help When You Can!

Right now we are back up to 87 dogs  and pups and between our vets we owe over $7000. We CAN NOT continue to take our rescues to our vets till we pay down our balances.
PLEASE help us with your donation of any amount. No donation is too small and we are always grateful for your help!

Pease click on the ‘donate’ button on the right side of the page to make a PayPal donation directly to Amigos de los Animales or you may send a check to Amigos de los Animales, HC 2, Box 7622, Loiza, PR 00772

God Bless and Thanks for reading.
Love, Adri

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