ADLA Rescues Four Adorable Wingmen

When ADLA volunteer Chris came across a stray dog and her litter of 12 puppies, he knew just what to do. Locals regularly feed a large pack of satos in the southern city of Ponce, but this new litter was struggling to survive. Chris asked for help, and ADLA came to the rescue.

Four puppies, one black and three brown, play together under some foliage before being rescued. Their mother rests nearby.
The Top Gun litter in Ponce before their rescue.

Puppies Fly to Freedom

ADLA director Ruby was unfortunately only able to find four of the Top Gun litter. However, Maverick, Goose, Ace, and Rooster made it safely to our shelter to begin their journey to their forever homes. The adventurous, exuberant Goose, sensitive Ace, and loving Maverick will be flying off to New York on January 25th, where our partner rescue Zani´s Furry Friends will foster them until they find their new families. If you´re in the tri-state area, consider adopting one of these spunky puppies!

Like all good wingmen, Goose has the need…the need for speed.
Maverick loves to play with his toys.

Saving Rooster

One puppy will sadly be unable to make the trip with his siblings. Rooster tested positive for parvovirus, a highly contagious and potentially fatal disease for puppies. ADLA is giving Rooster the best possible care in his foster home, but treating parvo isn´t cheap. The basic cost to rescue a puppy is around $400, but when that puppy needs additional care, like Rooster, that cost rapidly multiplies. ADLA needs your help to be able to keep rescuing puppies like the Top Gun litter. Right now, ADLA´s campaign to raise $800 for Rooster´s recovery remains unfunded.

Adorable, floppy-eared Rooster takes a walk outside. He is a rescued tan puppy with brown markings.
Help Rooster fight parvo so that he can start his new life in New York.

You can support Rooster and others like him by making a donation. Parvo is a serious illness in puppies, and Rooster won´t be able to join his siblings until he recovers. Help this goofy boy fly on home!

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