We are amigos

Amigos de los Animales (ADLA) Puerto Rico is a solely volunteer-run non-profit rescue organization, which rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes abused and abandoned dogs and cats to alleviate their suffering. We also help other rescue organizations in Puerto Rico successfully waging cruelty investigations. We are involved in Humane Education campaigns island wide and continually have our eye on the “big picture”, always working towards a better Puerto Rico.

Get to know our Great Team and meet our Amazing support, without both we could not exist.

Giving what they need most - LOVEPresident Adri Galler with beautiful Gina
Our Mission

Amigos de los Animales, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c(3) charity corporation founded to act as a voice for the abandoned, neglected, mistreated and abused animals on the island of Puerto Rico. Amigos de los Animales is dedicated:

1) to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abandoned animals and to the alleviation of their suffering and pain;

2) to educating the community about proper animal care and the laws;

3) to assisting in mass sterilisation and vaccination of pets in our communities through sterilisation clinics and humane education;

4) to working with government, community and other animal welfare groups to educate Puerto Rico on animal welfare issues and to assist in other mass sterilisation programs;

5) to raising up a force of humanely educated Animal Control Officer / Cruelty Investigators through the, first ever, certification course offered in Puerto Rico monitored and approved by the State Office of Animal Control of the Puerto Rico Health Department.

Our vision

Founded by Christine Driscoll on February 15, 2005, Amigos de los Animales acts as a voice for abused and abandoned animals in Puerto Rico, defending those who cannot speak for themselves, to bringing about a humane Puerto Rico through uniting with and assisting other rescue organisations. We believe that working diligently with other groups, we will eradicate the terrible pet population explosion and the suffering of all animals on our island.
Amigos de los Animales is a 100% volunteer run organisation which relies strictly on the generous donations of people like you in order to be able to carry out our activities and continue our work.

About our president
Paloma & Adri

Paloma & Adri

Adrienne Galler Lastra spent half of her life in Puerto Rico and got her BA in Music Education from the Intramerican University in San German, Puerto Rico. Her parents were biologists and instilled in their four children a respect for all God’s creatures. Adri was always involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation and upon returning to Puerto Rico, to care for her ailing mother, she vowed to make a difference for the animals in Puerto Rico. In 2007 after her mother’s health failed, Adri converted her home into the Pinones Beach Project animal shelter and in 2008 she became president of Amigos de los Animales. To help support herself and her retired husband, Robinson, Adri teaches Conversational English four evenings weekly (all money donated for the animals goes directly to the animals). She is searching for people interested in helping the animals by joining forces with Amigos de los Animales to use their talents for the betterment of the lives of the animals. She also hopes to find a young person interested in the post of president who she can help train as the next president of Amigos de los Animales 🙂

Our shelter

Amigos de los Animales (ADLA) has a small shelter at the Pinones home of our president Adrienne Galler Lastra. We currently use local veterinarians to treat and sometimes board our animals including Drs. Juan Ellin, Monica Pagan, Jose A. Diaz Umpierre, Dr. Carlos Mongil and as well as other area veterinarians. All of our Vets have practices in the San Juan area with top notch staff and they all have been instrumental in the rehabilitation of hundreds of our rescued pets.

A humane Puerto Rico

Amigos de los Animales is not limited in its scope on how it will work toward our goal. We will continue to be involved in meeting with the government. And we will continue to be involved in spay/neuter and other educational events and plans to bring about a Puerto Rico that is well-versed in humane education. We are committed to bring about a Puerto Rico that has a deep commitment toward animal welfare issues.


Dead-Dog-Beach-DogsA voice for abused and abandoned animals

We are very committed to helping where help is needed. ADLA pioneered the huge rescue effort at ‘Dead Dog Beach’. And we were instrumental in the rescue of ‘the most famous cat in Puerto Rico’ who was stuck in an apartment plumbing shaft for 10 days. You can read more about that on the Press page, under ‘Television’. ADLA wages cruelty investigations, and won the first-ever horse abuse case in the history of Puerto Rican law. We work with other rescue groups to help facilitate as many rescued animals as possible through networking.

To sum it all up: we do everything to make sure we give a voice to abused and abandoned animals!

Watch below our video that says more than a 1000 words.