Volunteer Waiver

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with ADLA. In order to protect our organization and our rescued animals, we ask that you agree to this consent form and release by checking the box below. We ask this of you because, while every attempt will be made to ensure your safety, animals (particularly rescues) are by their nature unpredictable in behavior. Accordingly you, as a a volunteer, agree to the following conditions:

To hold ADLA, its officers, directors, employees and other volunteers forever harmless for any injury whatsoever that you may suffer as a result of your volunteer activities with ADLA. This includes but is not limited to dog bites, scratches, communicable illnesses or pests contracted from any animal.

To hold ADLA, its officers, directors, employees, and other volunteers forever harmless for any and all personal injuries sustained on the premises of ADLA regardless of cause or negligence on the part of ADLA, its officers or the owner of the above named property as well as any place outside the above named property while volunteering for ADLA.

That you are aware that as a volunteer of ADLA, you are acting as a representative of the organization and agree to act responsibly at all times by maintaining a professional demeanor and protecting the organization’s rescued animals from any harm by practicing common sense while they are in your possession.

That any animal rescued by ADLA is owned solely by and is the property of ADLA, and as a volunteer of the organization, you will not withhold, sell or give away any animal entrusted to you by the organization.

That you will not rescue any animal as a stray in the name of ADLA without prior authorization from a director, officer or employee of the organization.