German Shepherd Dog - Mixed Breed - Senior - Male
Adoptable Large Mix Up-to-date with routine shotshousetrained

Jumanji was rescued by on August 25, 2018, by a family visiting from Chelsea, Massachusetts while they were touring the rainforest El Yunque. They saw a dog with police officers, and pulled over to ask for directions. It turns out the dog was a stray. The police were waiting for someone to come from a rescue to save him.

The family gave him water and food. Since they saw that the dog was in good hands they proceeded to go sightseeing. However, when they came back 2.5 hours later the dog was still there. These cops were waiting since the early morning in humid weather.

The family ended up taking him to a 24-7 veterinarian located in Carolina, Puerto Rico, and naming him Jumanji because they found him in El Yunque. Jumanji is a German Shepherd / Belgian Malenois mix and he is the sweetest boy. He’s very gentle and wants all the loving he can get. He is housebroken and needs someone who will allow him to be a happy dog for the remainder of his life.

Jumanji is not sterilized as the veterinarian suggested not to put him through an operation at his age.

Our adoption fee for adult dogs is $75.00; however it is waived if the pet must be transported to their new home in the United States and the adopter pays the transport fees.