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ADLA’s volunteer Dominik featured in The Sato Times
The Sato Times cover with Dominic, volunteer at ADLA

Dominik Flechmann studies at the University of Applied Sciences of Berlin. Part of his study, he did an internship at ADLA. He served as a volunteer at the shelter and in exchange for that he got a place to stay and as many pizza’s as he could eat.

The work at the shelter is not easy: getting up early to clean, give food, socialize with the dogs, taking the animals to the vet and all the work involved in taking care of 50 dogs. Adri went one day to pick up Dominik’s pizza, but first stopped at the veterinarian to pick up Justin, a dog that was hit by a car and almost died. And that was the day that Dominik met his new best friend.

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Dominik took Justin into his bedroom, because he was crying while being with the other dogs. He made a bed for Justin, but Justin insisted to sleep together with Dominik: “We slept in the same bed for a month, its like he chose me”.

Dominik and JustinDominik could not leave Justin behind when his time was done at the shelter. However, he had one other stop before returning to Germany. He decided to send Justin already ahead to his grandparents in Karlstadt, Germany, who received this little Boricua friend with open arms.

We heard Dominik is very excited to return to Germany and to be reunited with his best friend Justin.

You can read the full story here, unfortunately there is only a Spanish version.

Source: The Sato Times


Street dogs - Traer ScottBeautiful Book Street Dogs by Traer Scott

Fine arts photographer Traer Scott traveled to Mexico and Puerto Rico to capture remarkable and soulful photographs of dogs living alone or in packs on city streets. ADLA was fortunate to be able to assist Traer in getting portraits and field shots for her remarkably beautiful second book.

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Since most ‘satos’ (Puerto Rican slang for street dogs) were formerly pets, they are usually friendly, approachable and eager to be adopted. As Scott documents in her introduction, she was personally involved in rescuing many of the dogs she photographed for this book, and—thanks to the collaborative efforts of Puerto Rican, Latin American and US organizations—she arranged for a number of the dogs to be sponsored and adopted into new homes in the United States.

Street Dogs is available at all major booksellers and Amazon.com.

For every copy of Street Dogs sold, $.50 will be donated to the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

More information can be found at the website of Scott.

Joy unleashed: The Story of Bella, the Unlikely Therapy Dog

Newborn Bella was rescued by ADLA volunteer Mary Eldergill from Dead Dog Beach along with Bella’s brothers and sisters. Jean Baur, the author of Joy unleashed, adopted Bella, and moved Bella from Puerto Rico to Pennsylvania, where Bella became not only Jean’s new best friend, but a certified therapy dog.

Jean gave Bella a life when she adopted, but Bella paid it forward, not only breathing new life into Jean herself, but also befriending and providing joy to countless nursing home residents, hospital and cancer patients.

Bella passed away in 2018. She left such a legacy and impression on everyone she met. In her dedication, Jean is in the process of writing a sequel to Joy unleashed. We look forward to reading it!

A book any dog lover should read!

A dogs purpose

We LOVE the books of Bruce Cameron. A Dog’s purpose is an emotional story about a dog that is trying to find the purpose of life through the course of several lives. He finds himself reborn a few times and every time he finds a new goal in life. It gives you a (possible) glance in the perception of a dog.

A Dog’s journey is the sequel to A Dog’s purpose, which is again a book that you will find yourself reading it every time you can!!



“Gulf Coast Dog” magazine about ADLA’s Chris Driscoll’s work on Dead Dog Beach

Gulf Coast magazine

Situated along the southeast coast of Puerto Rico, lies Yabucoa. The animals abandoned or born on the Yabucoa coast are destined to die a painful death. On a daily basis, animals are being poisoned, butchered or beaten to their demise. They call this place DEAD DOG BEACH.
Read the whole article.


“Beba” for First Family Dog

Investigative journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell helped ADLA launch a media campaign that took on epic proportions in Puerto Rico. ‘The nomination of Puerto Rico’s candidate “Beba” for First Family Dog’, when Jane showed Beba on her television show ‘Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell’.

BebaWhen Mr. President Barack Obama said he would adopt a mixed-breed, rescued, hypoallergenic dog for his daughters, ADLA jumped into action and scooped up Beba (a Chihuahua mix) and her two siblings from a shelter parking lot where they were abandoned and suffering. Understanding the First Family wouldn’t be ready for their dog until the spring, Beba and her siblings had plenty of time to recuperate and fully recover. Amigos de los Animales wrote a letter to the First Family presenting Beba.

Unfortunately, the First Family opted for a designer dog, and Beba’s hopes of darting to and fro on the front lawn of The White House were dashed.

Beba went on to become one of the most famous dogs in Puerto Rico, appearing on television and in newspapers and on websites. Beba currently lives in NYC with her guardians Jon & Kerilyn von Pamer and brother ‘Otto’ and is ‘paying it forward’ by helping advertise pet adoption events.

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