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ADLA does not euthanize animals unless they are dangerously aggressive or are in pain and cannot be treated. However, some of our pets were badly abused or neglected before they were rescued. These dogs may be permanent Shelter residents.

You can help these animals by choosing to sponsor one! Take a look at some of our Shelter residents and find one that grabs your heart!

Dogs Available for Sponsoring


Baby and Humble are sisters who arrived at the Shelter in 2012 and are approximately 9 years of age. Baby is a yellow-blond Sharpei/Terrier mix and is very shy and is blind. She remains near Humble and relies on her for support and guidance. Humble is a pretty gray Sharpei who is also shy, but more independent than Baby. Since they are the Shelter sisters, they should be sponsored together!



Dolly is a 12-year old senior great-dane mix who was rescued in October of 2007. She was found wandering around a restaurant in Piñones beach. She is a large dog, and of a sweet nature and good health. She gets along with those who visit the Shelter as well as all the dogs that have come and gone since 2007.



Suzy is an 11-year old senior terrier mix that has been at the Shelter since at least 2008. She was found at the English Department of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras campus, and had given birth to nine babies. The babies were adopted by a sister Shelter. Suzy is not exactly shy, but indifferent towards people and not very active. She will sit and watch the other dogs but does not interact with them or Shelter visitors.



Wanda (nicknamed Wandita) is a terrier mix who is three years old. She has been at the Shelter for only one year, but is the only small dog that has not yet been able to get on a forever flight. She snaps at strangers who try to interact with her, and does not get along with other dogs.



Gino was rescued April 2014 from Coco Beach Gulf course in Rio Grande, P.R. He is a very Labrador mix and does get along well with other dogs. He maintains his distance from people but has progressed immensely. Only a year ago, he would stay huddled in a corner and shake whenever volunteers would come into the Shelter. Now he simply wants distance, and he does bark, but not bite.



Colorado was used as a bait dog in dog-fighting and has the scars on his face to show it. He adores the Shelter Director but can be aggressive with other people and is kept in a separate area apart from the other dogs. He needs to be with an owner able to put in the time to gaining his trust, play with him, and give him the physical space he needs to be his energetic self. We have not found this person yet, but are hopeful!



Sasha is a six-year old boxer mix that is overweight and has heartworm. She does not let herself be touched except for the Shelter Director and volunteers that have been visiting the Shelter for years.

On March 29th, Sasha was taken to the veterinarian and either be euthanized or treated. She was hacking and in obvious pain. We chose to treat her. She is right now at the veterinarian’s, who has her on a special diet and will then test her for thyroid problems, as well as run other tests that might explain her weight problem.



Frankie is a five-year old boston terrier mix who has been at the Shelter since 2011. She does not let herself be touched by anyone except a volunteer who has worked closely with her and spent the time to gain her trust. She needs a home with someone who can give her the attention she needs to feel comfortable.



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