Are you looking for a job that contributes to a good cause? Do you love animals? Are you crazy about dogs? Do you like to get your hands dirty? Then a volunteer job at Amigos de los Animales is the perfect job for you!

We need you!

We are always looking for volunteers that can help us in the daily routine of running a shelter, but we can also use construction savvy persons that can maintain our building and stalls. Maybe you are a good photographer and have some time left to take good pictures of our cute doggies for the adoption website? Or you like cleaning and like to help keeping our dogs healthy? There is always a job for you. Just let us know that you are interested in volunteer work and we will find the perfect fit!

Contact us at Phone: 787-313-5653 (Spanish/English) or email: Amigosdelosanimalespr@mail.com


Ina Schwappacher

I love to help at the shelter of ADLA because the dogs are so grateful for everything you do for them. I can’t be there every day anymore which i used to, but i consider myself a special care helper. Everytime Adri needs an extra helping hand i make sure i’ll be there. She became a very good friend and i love the dogs there as if they are my own. And also all the people you meet there to help are very good hearted people, i just love to spend time there.Ina Schwappacher, shelter volunteer



Since I’ve moved to Puerto Rico, I have been involved in volunteer work for dog shelters. First I helped ADLA with cleaning and taking care of the dogs, now I am the webmaster of Amigos de los Animales. To see the dogs suffering on the street every day is my biggest motivation to continue to volunteer at ADLA, who is doing an amazing tough job to care for the most vulnerable!Miriam Lauers, webmaster volunteer



Since 2012, I work as a volunteer at ADLA and it is awesome! I try to go every week and help cleaning the cages, replacing the dirty newspapers for clean ones and assisting with other things to make myself useful. Of course, after doing my tasks I get sweaty, I get tired and I get really filthy BUT I also get so much love and gratitude from the dogs that it makes it worth all the effort.

Adri, the president, is a brave and special person, she is so full of positive energy and treats the dogs so well that the animals can stay free together during the day. It is comforting to know that while the abandoned dogs are waiting to be adopted they have a decent and happy life, instead of being confined and locked up full time.

My best advice is to go and take a look for yourself!!! Maybe you decide to join us and give a little bit of your time, your abilities, your kindness and also some really needy articles to help Adri to maintain the place. And perhaps you are even tempted to give one of the charming dogs a home! That’s what we did to Elô, who now is part of our family!Roberta Ledier Spierings, shelter volunteer

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