Our amazing support

In the last years ADLA has received amazing support from different people, organizations and businesses. We would like to thank everyone that supports us and has supported us, without you our work is not possible. Really. We are a small, grass-roots organization that has committed itself to give a voice to every animal on the island.

THANK YOU TO ALL OUR VOLUNTEERS! And a special thanks to:

Ina Schwappacher – Volunteer Groomer

Camille Negrón – Volunteer vet tech

The Saint John’s School Volunteer Crew – 






Students from Saint John’s regularly come and volunteer here. They are always welcome because they are so hard-working! Recently, we’d especially like to thank Gordon, Vice-President Glenn Helmer’s son, and Laura, President Patricia Cara’s daughter for their dedication to not only cleaning, but giving special attention to our dogs.

Our neighbor Claudette Lamboy – Claudette lends us use of her backyard to load dogs very early in the morning prior to their forever flights to the United States. She’s also been the best neighbor in times of emergencies! Months after Hurricane María, she cooked hot meals for us and helped with transport. We are so grateful to her and hope she stays in the neighborhood!

Please take a look how you can contribute!



TERMINEX: No Bus, No Hassles: Terminex and its President Mark Kitchenman keep our Shelter and our dogs bug-free! They provide their fumigation and extermination services against rodents, ants, roaches and ticks at no cost! We love and thank them for it!

Camille’s Pet Care Services – Aside from assisting us in routine health check-ups, vaccines and treatments, Camille’s dog sitting business participates in SIT A DOG, SAVE A LIFE. For every service Camille provides, she donates a percentage to an animal organization–and she chose ADLA! We are so grateful to have the support of this volunteer/donor! Contact Camille if you need help with your pet!



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