Spring: One year ago

Spring: One year ago

Time goes by so fast when you are watching pups grow before your very eyes. From the moment they are saved from the hard life on the streets, they are learning to love, play, live with a family, and just be a dog! Before we know it, they’ve gone from street-dog, to shelter-dog, and finally, to being a part of a loving family.

To commemorate the spring, and new beginnings, here are some adoption stores from April of last year. Each of these lucky rescues were transported to Hearts and Tails Animal Alliance (HHTA), our absolute favorite destination rescue, and found their forever homes in New Hampshire.


Cookie with a student from EDIC College Veterinary Assistant School

Cookie was rescued March 18, 2018, along with her boyfriend Pepe, a black and white pitbull mix. That same night, at the veterinary office, Cookie gave birth to eight adorable puppies! She was an awesome mommy, especially when one of her little ones, Percy, got sick. Percy had low platelets and had to be kept away from his mom and his siblings for a little bit. But once he was put on medication, he began eating again, and Cookie was able to visit him.

Cookie was kept inside at the shelter, and loved being around people. When her name was called, her tail would start wagging and she would look up at you with her sweet doe eyes.

Cookie with parents

Cookie was transported to HHTA in October 2018. She was adopted by Cindy and Jay Brown, who came to the rescue specifically to meet her. They have grandchildren and were concerned about bringing a dog into the family. Always a lady, Cookie handled her new home beautifully, and the entire Brown family fell in love with her. Congratulations Cookie Brown!



Scruffy arrived at the shelter late April at about 1 year old. He immediately fit right in and was completely comfortable. Running around the shelter with his buds Mali and Buddy was his favorite thing. Scruffy was a shelter favorite for Shelter Director Adrienne Galler, but she was thrilled when he was adopted!

On January 14, 2019, Scruffy was transported to HHTA. He was adopted less than 2 weeks later by his new mom, Kathy, who named him Finn. Since Scruffy loves to play, we know he’s probably very happy just this moment running around with his canine sister Zoe.


Kai at shelter

Kai was rescued by our shelter manager Betsy, who found her chained up in the hot April sun, and without food or water. Kai’s mangnetism made her an instant shelter favorite, and her departure was bitter sweet.

Before adoption, Kai went to a foster family in San Juan, P.R. (Special thanks to the Tobin/Montalvo family for making her feel extra special). She participated in a fashion show and an online fan sent her a new bed! She even had a story written up about her by the staff at Power Speak Pros!

Kai took her freedom flight to HHTA in December 2018. When she arrived in New Hampshire, HHTA received quite a few adoption applications for her.

Kai with family

It was finally the Clawson family that would call Kai their own! Since January of this year, she has had a new daddy, Tom; a new mom Chrissy; and a two-legged sibling, TJ! She also has a canine sibling, Roxy, who has welcomed Kai into the family as well.


Mimi came into the shelter in April 2018, originally as a surrogate mommy for 10 puppies whose mom wasn’t feeding them. She was brought in by a rescuer who promised to take her back after the puppies could eat on their own. We were up to 80 dogs at the time, 3 litters of puppies, and could not take another dog.

However, when it came time, we could not give Mimi up! She was so easy and lovable, we decided to keep her before finding her an adopter.

Mimi was transported to HHTA in December 2018 and adopted by Tim in January 2019. Tim actually contacted Hearts and Tails looking for a puppy. But when he arrived at the shelter and spent some time with Mimi, he knew she was the one.

Not only was Tim looking for a friend for himself, but also for his fiance, Ally. Now Mimi (renamed Agnes) has this loving couple just to herself.

If you know of a rescue or shelter in the United States that accepts dogs from outside their district, and you think they would make a great destination partner, please let us know. We would love to make more connections. There are only so many homes here in Puerto Rico, and too many stray dogs. Transporting is expensive, but it is also necessary to completing our mission.

That’s all for now! Donate to our Fund the Shelters Challenge below; we rescue everyday. And see you next time.

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