Labrador Retriever - Baby - Male
Adoptable Medium Mix Up-to-date with routine shots

My name is Pinky.

I am a black male puppy with a white belly and white paws. I am waiting to be neutered soon.

The shelter staff thinks I am 5 months old. They also think I am a lab mix. Maybe so, but surely I am a Puerto Rican sato!

I’ve been in the shelter since March 2018. I am a little shy.

The great thing about adopting a Puerto Rican sato is that each one is unique. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and personalities. However, satos are generally grateful, loving, smart dogs who can adjust well to different situations. We love satos and know you will too!

Our adoption fee is $100; however it is waived if the pet must be transported to their new home in the United States and the adopter pays the transport fees.

If you are interested in this animal please email us here or contact Ela Stolarczyk at 859-536-4144;