Cleopatra (Cleo)

Galgo Spanish Greyhound - Greyhound - Young - Female
Adoptable Large Mix Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shots

Cleopatra is a beautiful princess yet is hilariously fun and funny. She likes to clown around and is very affectionate. Cleo is an extra large and very active Greyhound “Sato” (Street Dogs of Puerto Rico). She’s about 2 yrs old now and is slightly underweight at 72 lbs. Cleo acts like a puppy but she is smart, easy to train with treats and she’s very motivated to please.

She goes nuts with kids playing all day when they’re around, but she must be trained not to jump up because she’s a very tall girl and she doesn’t realize how strong she has become. She would never harm anyone and she loves humans and wants human brothers and sisters of her own. She needs playtime and space but she can come inside and relax too, so as long as she gets to go on walks and she gets to run a couple times a day, she can do well inside your home being a couch potato.

We rescued Cleopatra from Piñones. She had been around the Shelter for around 3 or 4 months (right after Hurricane Maria) and for weeks we fed her until she trusted us enough to let us lead her inside. She came in completely healthy (but dirty) and only needed to be sterilized.