NEW COURSE MAY 20-25, 2019:

Animal Control Officer / Cruelty Investigator Certification

This Animal Control Officer / Cruelty Investigator certification course is the first of its kind being offered in Puerto Rico. It has been designed to meet the particular issues of our animal control and animal cruelty laws in Puerto Rico. This course has been approved by the Puerto Rico Health Department and is a collaboration between the government, Career Development Institute, and Amigos de los Animales.

Who should attend?

Municipal and state employees and officials, Emergency Management Personnel, Animal rescuers, Municipal and State Police, Forest Rangers, Vet Techs, Veterinarians, Prosecutors, Lawyers and anyone interested in animal welfare and animal welfare law enforcement.

Date and place?

The next course will take place on January 28 through February 2, 2019. Location to be announced. Every day the course will start at 8.30 am and ends around 5.00 pm.

How do I sign up?

Sign up by downloading this form and sending it to us by email. If you have any problems with the download, please text Adrienne Galler at (787) 901-0541.

What will you learn?course
  • Applicable federal and Puerto Rican statutes and rules governing rabies, animal control, and animal cruelty; as well as municipal responsibility for animal control.
  • The role of an animal control officer in the community, including: the extent and limits of authority; educational responsibility; interaction with other agencies; transport of animals; and community and media relations.
  • Animal behavior and breed recognition, and strategies for handling cats, dogs, exotic species, rodents and mongoose.
  • Recognition and control and prevention of rabies and other zoonotic diseases.
  • How to conduct an investigation including investigative techniques, identifying animal cruelty, identifying, collecting and preserving evidence, searching buildings and areas, note taking and investigative report writing, verbal and non-verbal communication, interviewing techniques and principles of courtroom testimony.
  • courseTraining and demonstration in the use of animal control equipment including rabies control poles, nets, humane traps, cat graspers and bite sticks.
  • Animal control center operations, model standards, adoption policies, humane euthanasia and reporting and disposal requirements.
  • The Court system and procedures.

The course is taught in Spanish, by prominent experts from Puerto Rico and the United States. Past course subjects have been taught by: Wilma Rivera, Director of Puerto Rico’s Office for Animal Control; veterinarians Dr. Carlos Carazo and Dr. Olga Gonzalez; Maritza Rodriguez, Director of the Humane Society of Puerto Rico; Yolanda Alvarez, Esq.; ACO/CI’s Timoteo Vázquez, Geoffrey Goyette, Susan Soltero, and Leisha Swayne; and biologist Ernesto Marquez.


Upon course completion, you receive a certificate from the Department of Health of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and Career Development Institute.


To sign up or receive more information, contact:

Amigos de los Animales Puerto Rico (Spanish and English)
amigosdelosanimalespr@mail.com / 787-313-5653
jsaccenti@cditraining.org / 609- 577-3538