Thank You Letters

And then our little amigos go to live their own life with their new family… We are always thrilled to hear about how our kids are doing! Below are some of the letters we received from our happy new families!

A letter from…Dulce & Mommy Julia

Julia and Dulce
I adopted Dulce about 6 weeks ago from the Cape Ann animal shelter in Gloucester. I just recently lost my 16 yr old Lua, whom I adopted from the Miami shelter. What a gift and a joy Dulce has been! Her name is perfect for her, she is so sweet, affectionate and she does love to have her belly rubbed. She is very lovable, great with people and always wants to be a part of what I’m doing. She follows me everywhere, but is also very independent at times.

It took her about a week of resting and quiet time before her puppy nature emerged. She loves to play with me and I take her everywhere I go. She loves the beach. She is adjusting wonderfully. She is still a bit fearful around other dogs and loud noises, but is gradually adjusting. I’m guessing she grew up in the country? We go for a run in the park almost every day, where she loves chasing birds, squirrels and rabbits. She knows her basic commands and is such a sweet, dear little spirit.

I know the work you do must be challenging, rewarding, and often heartbreaking. Thank you for sending me Dulce. We are great companions and she has added to my life tremendously.


A letter from…Sadie (formerly Theresa) & Mommie Angela

SadieMy name is Angela Pike and my family adopted Theresa, now called Sadie, who you found as a stray on a beach in Puerto Rico. First of all, thank you for rescuing our dear girl; we are eternally grateful to you for saving her life. As a bit of background, despite every medical measure possible, my family lost our previous wee dog to cancer in March of 2014; we had him for thirteen years and we were devastated. Shortly after his passing, my daughter Stephanie found Theresa online for adoption and asked if we could get her; it was still too soon for me to even think about getting another dog, so I said no.  Anyway, around June, we decided to go to a random adoption event to look for a new dog.  Imagine our joy and surprise when Theresa happened to be at that event (see the picture with her in the green bandana).  My daughter was absolutely thrilled!  We filled out the adoption application, had our home visit and within one week Theresa was home with our family (which also includes husband Robert and teen son Cameron).
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We were all immediately smitten with this gentle, loving wee girl. She looks almost sad in a couple the photos I attached but she is a little afraid of the camera and also she was trying to go to sleep when I took them; believe me, she is one happy wee puppy. She is still very skittish but getting better every day. She loves everyone in our family, especially Stephanie who insisted we adopt her in the first place.  She had some digestive issues in the beginning but we have her on a high end, no grain dog food and those have resolved themselves.  She had her teeth cleaned and has been seen by our vet and she is just fine. She loves our two cats, Piper and Kappa and our guinea pig, Darla. My daughter entered a competition recently and won a Lily Pulitzer collar for her. From searching for trash to eat on a beach to designer dog wear, who says miracles don’t happen!

She loves her Dingo rawhide chew that she gets every morning after breakfast and her teeth cleaning treats she gets in the evening after her final walk. She took an eight hour trip in the car for vacation this year and was an absolute trooper. She got to meet the rest of her human family too and they adored her. She loves to get brushed and loves to walk outside on her leash. Anyway, thank you again for all that you did for Theresa/Sadie. Adopting her has made us aware of the terrible plight that faces these stray dogs in Puerto Rico and I will continue to encourage others to adopt, not shop, for a new pet on every occasion. I will keep you updated. Please feel free to email me if you have an interest in charting her progress. Sadie really is a very special wee dog and we feel especially blessed to have her in our life.

Best Regards, Angela Pike


A letter from…Roxy (formerly Negrita) and Jenna

Roxy I’m writing to you because my family and I have been lucky enough to adopt Negrita. We call her Roxy now, and she’s been with us a little over 2 weeks. She is still shy around new people, but she is very bonded to me and my husband, and she greets my 2 boys (ages 8 and 6) with tail wags and kisses every morning.

We’ve yet to see her really play, like you mention in your letter, but I think it’s because she has been through quite a lot of changes in her little life, and still isn’t sure if this is her “forever” home. She is doing very well though – we have a large fenced in back yard with lots of trees and chipmunks to chase. She’s also becoming a good little running buddy with me. She stays right at my side like she’s been doing it forever!

Thanks for keeping her happy and safe in Puerto Rico!

Jenna von Elling