Can you give Sasha and Gracie a Foster or Furever Home Together?

Irie and her mom are so sad they can’t keep the girls because they love them but they have done such a fine job of fostering 4 yr old Sasha and Grace.
The landlord will not budge – only one dog. But all is not lost, because Irie, her mom and her dad have done such a fine job fostering these beautiful young ladies that they are much more friendly and less timid than they used to be. They are ready for their “furever” home!
Sasha is the very sweet golden colored Chihuahua mix who is Gracie’s protector. Gracie is the sweet grey colored puffy haired girl with a timid but very lovely personality. Gracie feels safest when she’s with her sister Sasha. If you live on the island and can help by fostering these two girls or if you would like to adopt them and keep them together, please fill out either an adoption or foster application on this website and we will contact you immediately.
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