An appeal to friends and supporters

An appeal to friends and supporters

Our organisation is always in need of operating funds. We stand in faith that as long as we do the right thing by the animals, The Lord will put it on your hearts to come up along side of us and help us continue. Maybe it’s not the prescribed way of running a non-profit rescue organisation and shelter, but throughout the years our prayers have been heard by you and we have been able to count on you for your help. It’s now time to re-vaccinate most of our kids and because of Puerto Rico’s present economic situation we have recently experienced a HUGE jump in our utility bills.

I am reaching out to ask you to please help us in whatever way you can. Our FaceBook page currently has over a quarter of a million “likes”. And there are more than 10,000 readers who receive our newsletter (if you don’t receive our newsletter yet – please subscribe here). If just half of our followers were able to donate as little as five dollars, we could very easily make it over this hump. No amount is EVER too small and 100 % of it goes directly to the dogs and shelter care.

All of us at Amigos de los Animales including our beautiful rescued “kids” are truly grateful for any support you may have given us in the past. Whatever you can do to help us now will not only be appreciated immensely, but will help to insure that we can keep on keeping on for the animals.

Please use the DONATE button on the right side of our page, where you can make a secure Paypal payment. Or click here.

Thank you in advance!

God Bless,

Adri Galler Lastra – Amigos de los Animales

Ps. Paloma says Hi!

Paloma & Adri

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