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What We Do

What does Amigos de los Animales do? Amigos de los Animales does a little bit of everything...

We rescue, rehabilitate and rehome companion and farm animals. Amigos de los Animales (ADLA) does not have a shelter proper, but does work with veterinarians practiced in rescue medicine to rehabilitate the animals we pick up. Dr. Rafael Ramos of Clinica Veterinaria de Diego in San Juan has been the ADLA vet for years. Dr. Ramos and his unbelievable staff have enabled ADLA to rehome hundreds of animals.

Puerto Rico Dog Rescue

ADLA is committed to help where help is needed. ADLA assisted Traer Scott in capturing photos for her fine arts photography book "Street Dogs." ADLA pioneered the huge rescue effort at "Dead Dog Beach." ADLA was instrumental in the rescue of "the most famous cat in Puerto Rico" who was stuck in an apartment plumbing shaft for 10 days. ADLA wages cruelty investigations, and won the first-ever horse abuse case in the history of Puerto Rican law. ADLA also works with other rescue groups to help facilitate as many rescued animals as possible through networking.

Amigos de los Animales would like to see a humane Puerto Rico, and will continue to work toward that goal. Amigos de los Animales is not limited in its scope on how it will work toward that goal either. We will continue to be involved in meeting with government. And we will continue to be involved in spay/neuter and other educational events and plans to bring about a Puerto Rico that is well-versed in humane education, and to bring about a Puerto Rico that has a deep commitment toward animal welfare issues.

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