Our great team

Below are all the compassionate people that make our rescues possible. They are a dedicated, brave and targeted team that go above and beyond to make sure that every animal gets what it deserves: a humane and loving life.

Christine Driscoll
Christine Driscoll: : President Emeritus and Founder

Christine is a veteran animal rescuer with more than 21 years of rescuing animals under her belt. Having majored in Spanish at school, it wasn’t any wonder that Christine naturally gravitated toward Spanish speaking countries after her graduation. Christine lived in Costa Rica for two years, and then went on to live in Mexico. Mexico is where Christine’s rescue career began. While in Mexico she took in stray dogs and re-homed them in the community.

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She has a generous and humorous spirit and we miss her in the rescue-trenches of Puerto Rico.


Amanda Rose Collazo Maguire : President

Amanda has lived in Puerto Rico for about 25 years. She grew up in Ponce (PR) and lived in New Jersey and California for a few years before returning to Puerto Rico. Amanda now lives in Isla Verde and works as an attorney. Her friend Ela asked if she wanted to come volunteer one Saturday at ADLA. And she never left 🙂 She fostered and afterwards adopted Wendy Bee from Amigos in March 2016. Wendy’s a cute little black sato. Next to that, Amanda also has two sibling kitties: Bandit and Gigi.

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We are very happy to have Amanda in our team, wooooo!

Ela Stolarczyk – Vice president

Ela was born in Poland and during her childhood the sight of a homeless dog on the street was common. She grew up observing the end of communism, and how it changed lives of people…Apparently also lives of animals: nowadays when she visits her homeland, Ela doesn’t see homeless animals on the street. She moved to the US to do her PhD and since then she has been working as a research scientist in the biomedical field.

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Our days are brightened by Ela, we are so lucky to have her!


Adrienne Galler Lastra: President / Executive Director

Adri was born in Baltimore, Md and raised there till she was 19 when she moved to be with her mom in Puerto Rico. She lives in Piñones where she converted her home to what is now the Piñones Beach Project Shelter of Amigos de los Animales. After finishing her music education in Puerto Rico, she went to Los Angeles, Ca to pursue her career as a bassist.

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At Adri’s home there are always between 30 and 45 rescued critters in different stages of rehabilitation so her life is never boring!

Liznette Feliciano – Director

Liznette Liznette Mari Feliciano Rivera was born in Humacao, Puerto Rico and has lived on the island her whole life. She now lives in Santurce with her husband and daughters Gabrieliz and Wilneliz, and works as an Administrative Assistant at Paseo Las Cumbres.Also living at her household are her seven dogs and cats: Mia Carola, Atenea, Baloo, Taffy, Nube, Chocolate Chip, Mardigrass.

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Liznette is our great catch! 🙂

Chrissy LaPlante: Marketing Director

ChrissyWallaceSince she was a child, Chrissy has always wanted to help the “underdogs” of the world. Her heart always went out to people and animals in need. So when she and her now husband, Rob, travelled to Puerto Rico in 2010, it was no surprise that upon finding a very sick sato wandering around El Morro, she promptly rescued and fell in love with him.


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You are awesome, Chrissy!

JenniferJennifer Tasch – all round volunteer

Jennifer is a New York native, raised in NJ and moved to Puerto Rico 25 years ago after meeting her Puerto Rican husband in college. A year later, she adopted her first strays from a beach in Isabela, and has made rescued satos a part of her family ever since. She recently moved to New Jersey part time and still resides in Guaynabo. Jennifer shares her home with her two-legged family, as well as four four-legged family members named Colorado, Nacho, Bobby, and Rudy. Colo and Bobby were adopted from Amigos de los Animales, and Nacho and Rudy were rescued from the beach in Manati and the streets of Bayamon. Jennifer loves large dogs, and her current pack ranges in size from the “smallest” at 65 pounds to her big baby Bobby who weighs in at 90.

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We feel very thrilled with the great support of Jennifer!

Miriam Lauers : Webmaster

Miriam Lauers

In 2012 Miriam came to Puerto Rico all the way from the Netherlands to live and work on the island. Soon, she saw all the dogs suffering on the street and wanted to help them. She started to volunteer at a dog shelter ‘Save a Sato’, where she fell in love with her dog Caguas. Caguas had a severe accident when he was found and just recovered from an operation, which fixed both this hips with 21 screws each.Wanting to help in more shelters, Miriam wrote an email to Adri.

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Thank you Miriam for being part of our team!


LisaScalzittiLisa Scalzitti: Volunteer

The awesome Lisa Scalzitti lives in New Orleans, Louisiana with her husband, five dogs and six cats. She is a high school science teacher and she and her husband work with several groups fostering many dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens throughout the year in addition to fundraising and various other rescue activities. Lisa has been traveling to visit us at Amigos de los Animales for years to learn more about the situation while putting in time as a volunteer to help the animals on the island.

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We love Lisa – She ROCKS!!