Our great team

Below are all the compassionate people that make our rescues possible. They are a dedicated, brave and targeted team that go above and beyond to make sure that every animal gets what it deserves: a humane and loving life.


Adrienne Galler Lastra: Shelter Director

Adri was born in Baltimore, Md and raised there till she was 19 when she moved to be with her mom in Puerto Rico. She lives in Piñones where she converted her home to what is now the Piñones Beach Project Shelter of Amigos de los Animales. After receiving a BA in Music Education from the Interamerican University in San German, Puerto Rico, she went to Los Angeles, Ca to pursue her career as a bassist.

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At Adri’s home there are always between 30 and 45 rescued critters in different stages of rehabilitation so her life is never boring!

Amanda Rose Collazo Maguire : Executive Director

Amanda has lived in Puerto Rico for about 25 years. She grew up in Ponce (PR) and lived in New Jersey and California for a few years before returning to Puerto Rico. Amanda now lives in Isla Verde and works as an attorney. Her friend Ela asked if she wanted to come volunteer one Saturday at ADLA. And she never left 🙂 She fostered and afterwards adopted Wendy Bee from Amigos in March 2016. Wendy’s a cute little black sato. Next to that, Amanda also has two sibling kitties: Bandit and Gigi.

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We are very happy to have Amanda on our team, wooooo!

Liznette Feliciano – Volunteer Par Excellence

Liznette Liznette Mari Feliciano Rivera was born in Humacao, Puerto Rico and has lived on the island her whole life. She now lives in Santurce with her husband and daughters Gabrieliz and Wilneliz, and works as an Administrative Assistant at Paseo Las Cumbres.Also living at her household are her seven dogs and cats: Mia Carola, Atenea, Baloo, Taffy, Nube, Chocolate Chip, Mardigrass.

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Liznette is our great catch! 🙂