Terrier - Adult - Female
Adoptable Medium Up-to-date with routine shots

Lucero needs a shirt that says “I NEED ALL THE LOVES!!” this little girl is absolutely the sweetest thing. She loves to cuddle and hold paws! She came into the shelter with her 6 puppies that have all been adopted out to the states but she is still searching for someone that needs all her extra love. She can go into any environment and thrive! She could go into trucks on long road trips, work in an office, or just a lap dog. She likes to keep in physical contact with her family so we recommend no children under 4 as she can love just a bit much and accidentally knock down her cuddle partner! She would love to be with a senior, any children over 5 to 19, a family or a single human home- with or without other pups! Lucero is gentle enough to be with people with disabilities or to start work as a therapy pup. She is a quiet gentle proper lady who crosses her legs if she’s not hugging someone’s leg! Being such a love bug it would make sense that she does freeze up when given a correction that is a bit louder to her, and does very well to positive reinforcement! Lucero kept soft eyes through the entire evaluation process (teeth checked, tail pulled, toes grabbed, feet lifted) and only resisted when cuddles were being taken away! She had no reaction or care for toys, wasn’t interested in treats, easy to handle on leash, and only has eyes for the next cuddle. If you need extra love to give and are in need of a cuddle or two, Lucero is ready for her forever home!
Behavior assessment and evaluation is available upon request. Adoption fee is 100$. The fee is waived when you live in the states and you pay for transport and kennel.
Please email for more information and an application!
You may text me directly at 787-313-5653. Thanks! Adri

Amigos de los Animales is struggling to secure funds to rescue more dogs. Rescuing dogs in Puerto Rico cost on the average of $300 per animal. We try to send them to the States for adoption once they are rehabilitated. If you are able to sponsor a dog on the beach, we will keep you apprised of its rehabilitation with photos, and tell you which shelter he/she is adopted out through and/or you can adopt the dog yourself once it is healthy. All our Satos are fully vetted before they travel to the States or are adopted out. If you would like to sponsor a fur baby or take up a collection from friends and family please use PayPal button on our homepage. Please help us to continue rescuing animals!!

*A Sato is a street dog from Puerto Rico. No two Satos look exactly alike and they all have unique stories, but despite their often rough start in life, Satos are some of the best rescue dogs out there (in our opinion anyway, maybe we are a little biased!) They are the most lovable dogs you will ever rescue and one thing we do know for sure about Satos, people who have adopted Satos LOVE them and agree with us. Satos are the best!!