Chihuahua - Adult - Female
Adoptable Small Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shots

There is a long story behind this little dog. She is quite a character. When wee rescued her she was heavily pregnant, but she was not an easy catch and made us run a lot. Since the beginning I was surprised how smart this dog was, she would walk along the busy road, and only when the cars passed she would cross. She was looking for food for her unborn children. Ela initially was rather timid and didn’t like people to approach her. She has a broken tail and her face is a bit crooked as if she was kicked really hard. Initially she didnt trust people at the shelter much but she did make friends with ALL the dogs. Her favorite pals were the largest dogs, easily 10x bigger than her. I remember Adri saying “Ela insists she is a large dog” since she liked to hang out with the big dogs. after several months in the shelter she has transformed into a sweet dog, who likes to be touched, to be picked, comes when she is called and gives you a lot of kisses – I have never thought this will ever happen, that she will ever trust a human again! She is ready now to be adopted.

Adoption fee is 100$. The fee is waived when you live in the states and you pay for transport and kennel.
Please email amigosdelosanimalespr@mail.com for more information and an application!

*A Sato is a street dog from Puerto Rico. No two Satos look exactly alike and they all have unique stories, but despite their often rough start in life, Satos are some of the best rescue dogs out there (in our opinion anyway, maybe we are a little biased!) They are the most lovable dogs you will ever rescue and one thing we do know for sure about Satos, people who have adopted Satos LOVE them and agree with us. Satos are the best!!

Amigos de los Animales does not have enough money in donations to rescue many dogs. If you would be able to take up a collection from friends and family and donate to our PayPal button on our homepage, we would be very grateful!!
Rescuing dogs in Puerto Rico cost on the average of $300 per animal. We try to send them to the States for adoption once they are rehabilitated. If you are able to sponsor a dog on the beach, we will keep you apprised of its rehabilitation with photos, and tell you which shelter he/she is adopted out through and/or you can adopt the dog yourself once it is completely healthy. All our Satos are fully vetted before they travel to the States or are adopted out. Please help us to continue rescuing animals.

You may text me directly at 787-313-5653. Thanks! Adri