Our Shelter

Our shelter
Amigos de los Animales (ADLA) has a small shelter at the Pinones home of Adrienne Galler Lastra. We currently use local veterinarians to treat and sometimes board our animals including Drs. Juan Ellin, Monica Pagan, Jose A. Diaz Umpierre, Dr. Carlos Mongil and as well as other area veterinarians. All of our Vets have practices in the San Juan area with top notch staff and they all have been instrumental in the rehabilitation of hundreds of our rescued pets.

About our Shelter Director



Paloma & Adri
Adrienne Galler Lastra spent half of her life in Puerto Rico and got her BA in Music Education from the Intramerican University in San German, Puerto Rico. Her parents were biologists and instilled in their four children a respect for all God’s creatures. Adri was always involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation and upon returning to Puerto Rico, to care for her ailing mother, she vowed to make a difference for the animals in Puerto Rico. In 2007 after her mother’s health failed, Adri converted her home into the Pinones Beach Project animal shelter and in 2008 she became president of Amigos de los Animales. Now, she runs the Amigos de los Animales Shelter out of her home and cares for the animals 24/7, ensuring their safety and well-being.