Our Board of Directors

Meet our Board! They keep things tidy and in check.

Jennifer Tasch – Secretary

Jennifer is a New York native, raised in NJ and moved to Puerto Rico 25 years ago after meeting her Puerto Rican husband in college. A year later, she adopted her first strays from a beach in Isabela, and has made rescued satos a part of her family ever since. She recently moved to New Jersey part time and still resides in Guaynabo. Jennifer shares her home with her two-legged family, as well as four four-legged family members named Colorado, Nacho, Bobby, and Rudy. Colo and Bobby were adopted from Amigos de los Animales, and Nacho and Rudy were rescued from the beach in Manati and the streets of Bayamon. Jennifer loves large dogs, and her current pack ranges in size from the “smallest” at 65 pounds to her big baby Bobby who weighs in at 90.

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We feel very thrilled with the great support of Jennifer!

Ela Stolarczyk 

Ela was born in Poland and during her childhood the sight of a homeless dog on the street was common. She grew up observing the end of communism, and how it changed lives of people…Apparently also lives of animals: nowadays when she visits her homeland, Ela doesn’t see homeless animals on the street. She moved to the US to do her PhD and since then she has been working as a research scientist in the biomedical field.

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Our days are brightened by Ela, we are so lucky to have her!