Here are some great videos you need to watch!


This is what we’re about!!

Take a look at our shelter, this is what we do every day to keep the doggies safe, healthy and happy!


Bobby and Heather in concert

Take a look at this cute video of Bobby, the Rhodesian Ridgeback that Amigos de los Animales saved. Adri’s best friend Heather adopted him and they soon developed their special connection and give free concerts in their living room. How funny is that!

Los 100,000 – by Juan Agustin Marquez

Los 100,000 is a documentary of an in-depth investigation about the overpopulation of dogs in the streets of Puerto Rico. ‘100,000’ has been broadcasted in over 17 countries and has won several film festivals. in 2011 the documentary got an Emmy at the Topical 2011 Suncoast Emmy® Awards. At the time of filming in 2010 there were about 100,000 dogs on the street. Today there are an estimated 250,000. This documentary is a must-see if you want to get an impression about the street dogs of Puerto Rico.

Kristin Neil about Amigos de los Animales

One of our volunteer and big supporters Kristin Neil made this video as a project for school about Amigos de los Animales. Definitely she gets an A+ from us, thank you so much Kristin!

The Dogs of Puerto Rico – Jane Velez-Mitchell

Jane Velez-Mitchell is an award winning television journalist and bestselling author and is well known for her animal rights advocacy. In 2009 she made a short emotional documentary about the dogs of Puerto Rico. Below you can watch this heartbreaking documentary – in two parts.

Amazing rescue of Save a Sato Puerto Rico

The following video was made by one of our volunteers and webmaster Miriam Lauers. She made this video to thank another Puerto Rican rescue organization ‘Save a Sato’ for rescuing her dog, that was hit by a car and left to die on the street.