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Investigative journalist Jane Velez-Mitchell helped ADLA launch a media campaign that took on epic proportions in Puerto Rico, the nomination of Puerto Rico's candidate "Beba" for First Family Dog, when Jane showed Beba on her show "Issues With Jane Velez-Mitchell."  

When then-President elect Barack Obama said he would adopt a mixed-breed, rescued, hypoallergenic dog for his daughters, ADLA jumped into action and scooped up Beba (a Chihuahua mix) and her two siblings from a shelter parking lot where they were abandoned and suffering.  Understanding the First Family wouldn't be ready for their dog until the spring, Beba and her siblings had plenty of time to recuperate and fully recover under the guidance of ADLA's vet, Dr. Rafael Ramos.  

Alas, the First Family opted for a designer dog, and Beba's hopes of darting to and fro on the front lawn of The White House were dashed.  

Beba went on to become one of the most famous dogs in Puerto Rico, appearing on television and in newspapers and on websites.  Beba currently lives in NYC with her guardians Jon & Kerilyn von Pamer and brother "Otto," and is "paying it forward" by helping advertise pet adoption events.  

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We love you Beba!

Beba's BFFBeba's Best Friend Scooter

ADLA helps fine arts photographer Traer Scott get portraits for her upcoming book Street Dogs:

Street Dogs_Traer Scott

Fine arts photographer Traer Scott's book Street Dogs is due to hit bookstore shelves early this Fall. ADLA was fortunate to be able to assist Traer in getting portraits and field shots for her remarkably beautiful second book. Many of ADLA's rescued/rehabilitated dogs will be featured in Street Dogs along with a bio about them and the pet-partnership shelter that put them up for adoption. Proceeds from Traer's book will benefit both Puerto Rico and Mexico where the book was photographed. World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) has agreed to receive a percentage of donated proceeds from the book. WSPA is currently working with both Puerto Rico and Mexico rescue groups. Be sure and look to see if one of your adopted satos made the cut!

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