Tourist information

Sato to saveWhen you are visiting Puerto Rico and see an animal on the street that you would like to help, good on you! We gladly give you the resources to do so. There are an estimated 1 million stray dogs and 2 million stray cats on the streets and beaches of Puerto Rico who need our help!

Amigos de los Animales often works with tourists interested in taking stray animals home. We go the extra mile to assist those who want to help our street dogs (in Puerto Rican slang called ‘sato’). Because Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the United States, animal travel from Puerto Rico to the continental U.S. is considered State to State travel. All that is needed is a travel certificate in order to fly your newfound sato home! And even if you are flying outside the U.S. we will go out of our way to give you assistance to take home your new best friend forever.

Below some information about veterinarians, shelters and animal surrender that can help you in saving an animal.

Animal surrender