How you can help

Help in the shelter

DJ Sonar, helping in the shelter

We need your support to keep the shelter running and to be able to save more dogs of the streets of Puerto Rico! Check out opportunities for how you can help:

Donate! Rescuing one dog costs an average of $300 before it is adopted or transported. Additionally, we have the daily costs of running the Shelter. These costs add up and we wouldn’t be able to keep it up without your donations; every little bit makes a difference!

Volunteer! We always welcome new friends to the Shelter and there are so many way you can help. Every Saturday, we coordinate a clean-up of the Shelter; it’s fun, hard work! If you aren’t available on Saturdays, but still want to help, please contact us and let us know what your interest is!

Adopt! We got so many lovable pups of different ages and sizes, we know we have your next best friend! Check out our Happy Beginnings and Thank You Letters if you have any doubts! 😉

Foster! When we can get a dog into a foster home, we have an extra space in our shelter to take in another rescue. So we LOVE our fosters!

Take our Animal Control Officer/Cruelty Investigator course! This is a big step towards actively fighting against animal cruelty and abuse and take our  Puerto Rico needs more people actively engaged in fighting for the welfare of animals. Be their voice!

If you have any other ideas on how YOU can be of help, email us! We always welcome new ideas!